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Every Vegan Counts

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You can not un-see what you’ve seen.  Once the images of animal abuse and torture are in front of you, there’s only two options; turn a ‘blind eye’ or adjust your lifestyle to match your morals.  It’s a touchy subject because there is an element of guilt and shame involved.  How do you tell your friends and family that you can’t eat meat at the annual BBQ without making them feel judged?  The answer is simple and if you can master it, I promise you that life in general will be much more pleasant.  The answer is this: You don’t worry about how your moral choices make them feel…plain & simple.  You might be thinking “Yeah sure, easier said than done.”  But when you finally dive in and embrace your new lifestyle, it’s truly liberating.  Stay humble, and simply reach for the veggies without looking in disgust at everyone else’s plate. animal love

Perhaps the thought crossed your mind that you are only one person, and couldn’t possibly make a difference…You couldn’t be further from the truth!  EVERY vegan counts.  By simply living your new lifestyle, you will be the shining example within your circle of friends and family.  You will be opening a door of possibility to others around you who just might be open minded enough to give it a try.  Even if nobody at all follows your lead, you can take comfort in knowing that you alone are saving around 200 animals per year.  The fact is, if you don’t buy it, they don’t make it.  It’s a saying used for all forms of consumerism, and the factory farm industry is no exception.  Collectively, the growing vegan movement has forced the slaughterhouses to reduce production in a very big way.

Becoming vegan is a process for most people, and won’t happen overnight.  Becoming vegetarian is the first giant step (at least, it was for me!) Eliminating dairy and other animal products will usually follow.  I was vegetarian for 3 years before going vegan.  Don’t judge yourself, or others. It’s truly a personal journey…we are working to un-do a lifetime of mental programming!  The most important thing is that your mind, body, and soul are more connected than ever before, and you are actively working towards being the change you wish to see in the world.  Save


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  1. Fir a long time I continued to eat meat because I thought that 1 person cannot really make a difference. Now I understand that it’s about setting the example and being the change you want to see in the world. This is a lovely blog post <3

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