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Teaching Vegan Children About Non-Vegan Peers

The upcoming generations of little vegans are the movement leaders of the future. It’s so important to prepare them for their encounters with non-vegan peers.  How will they react when they see a schoolmate eating a turkey and cheese sandwich after all the lessons you’ve taught them about keeping animals off the plate?  Will they yell and embarrass their peer?  Will they avoid those kids all together?  My hope is that we are creating a generation of vegans who will be comfortable with open discussion.  Continue reading Teaching Vegan Children About Non-Vegan Peers

How To Survive Halloween As A Vegan Parent

Aaah, October. The first hints of holiday madness are in the air, as Summer relaxation melts into a distant memory. The thought of hectic schedules, added expenses and visiting relatives may be sprouting in your mind…If you’re new to veganism, you might also be feeling the added stress of making it through Halloween with your vegan kiddos.  Parents often feel torn between maintaining their children’s vegan diet, and allowing them to participate in Halloween festivities. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some vegan neighborhood to trick-or-treat in?  The fact is, your little ones can have the best of both worlds. Continue reading How To Survive Halloween As A Vegan Parent