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Veggie Vero Visits Scotland!

Glasgow, Scotland has been named one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK.  So when I got the opportunity to travel there for a week, I was ecstatic! From the stunning architecture to the friendly people, Scotland proved to be a magical place, rich in history and natural beauty…Plus the food was amazing!
Here’s some of the best veg-friendly spots I visited in Scotland:
The 78 Cafe & Bar
The Flying Duck
Let Me Eat

Vegan Eavesdropper

As I sit in a Barnes & Nobles cafe, daydreaming about having my own book on the shelves, I find myself eaves-dropping on a mother bickering with her daughter over lunch.  The little girl was eating chicken noodle soup and she was putting up a fit because of all the vegetables.  In a frustrated effort to get her daughter to eat the soup, the mother proceeded to pick out every piece of carrot and celery until there was nothing left but chicken and sodium-filled refusing vegetables

I felt a bit of anxiety wash over me as I listened to this mother being defeated by a 7-year old.  Never mind my feelings about the chicken…I was more disturbed by how much this little girl seemed to hate the only healthy part of her meal.  Where did she develop these feelings towards vegetables?  I was not raised vegan, but I certainly don’t remember hating vegetables so much!

vegan superhero cartoon art


Perhaps it was none of my business, but it did give me motivation to continue my writing and get my work out there.  Kids need a character who makes fruits and veggies fun!  Vegan kids especially need a superhero!  A character who makes them feel normal, even if their friends at school might be eating different things.  The ultimate victory would be to create a character who makes veganism appealing to non-vegan kids.  Veggie Vero is coming! Illustrations are in the works and when I do get published, my lovely followers will be the first to know!  Until then, keep following my journey!

Got ideas for my vegan superhero?  Email me or leave it in the comments 😉

FYI: That adorable vegan comic artwork was done by Alba Paris, an artist who’s website is dedicated to vegan products and accessories.  She sells cruelty-free tee’s, tanks, bags, home goods, and more, all featuring her very own artwork.  Best of all, she donates 10% of each purchase to animal related charities or sanctuaries.  Check it out at



Every Vegan Counts

You can not un-see what you’ve seen.  Once the images of animal abuse and torture are in front of you, there’s only two options; turn a ‘blind eye’ or adjust your lifestyle to match your morals.  It’s a touchy subject because there is an element of guilt and shame involved.  How do you tell your friends and family that you can’t eat meat at the annual BBQ without making them feel judged?  The answer is simple Continue reading Every Vegan Counts