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Sarasota Veg Fest

Hi veggie heads!  I’ll be heading to Sarasota Florida for their inaugural Veg Fest on Saturday, May 5th.  If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by the Kid Zone for signed books, story-time and a superhero selfie station!  Going to festivals is my absolute favorite way to meet new vegans and veg-curious families.  It’s my chance to get from behind the computer and truly interact with my followers and supporters.  If you’ve never been to a veg fest, I highly recommend it! The energy is sky high, the plant-based food vendors are amazing and the speakers are super informative.  Follow @VeggieVero on social media to find out where I’ll pop up next! Continue reading Sarasota Veg Fest

StoryTime; Space Coast Veg Fest

North Florida vegans! Space coast Veg Fest is next Sunday, November 19th and Veggie Vero will be in the house!  Bring the whole family out to Riverfront Park for a day filled with yummy vegan food, vendors, music and a special kid’s zone for the little ones.  Signed books will be available for purchase.  Bought your Veggie Vero book on Amazon?  Bring it along for a personalized autograph!  See you there, veggie heads!

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Teaching Vegan Children About Non-Vegan Peers

The upcoming generations of little vegans are the movement leaders of the future. It’s so important to prepare them for their encounters with non-vegan peers.  How will they react when they see a schoolmate eating a turkey and cheese sandwich after all the lessons you’ve taught them about keeping animals off the plate?  Will they yell and embarrass their peer?  Will they avoid those kids all together?  My hope is that we are creating a generation of vegans who will be comfortable with open discussion.  Continue reading Teaching Vegan Children About Non-Vegan Peers

How To Veganize Your Child’s Play Time

Okay, so I may have just dreamed up the word ‘veganize’ since my auto-correct is desperately trying to change it…but I’m sticking with it.  As you may know, a child’s play time is a crucial part of their developmental growth, fine motor skills and  over-all creativity.  For vegan parenting, this usually means integrating nature into play-time.  Early nature appreciation will help to ensure that your little vegan makes the conscious decision to maintain their compassionate lifestyle once they’re older. Continue reading How To Veganize Your Child’s Play Time

Mother Nature & Me

Attention South Florida veggie mamas: Join me, Veronica Green, at the Delray Beach Children’s Garden every Wednesday morning from 9:30am  to 10:30am.  I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been asked to host the weekly Mother Nature & Me classes at this very special community garden.  Bring the little ones to enjoy story time, arts & crafts, and nature exploration. Fun fun and more fun! Cost is $10 per child.  For more info, or to pay in advance, visit

vegan children playing in garden

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