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How To Veganize Your Child’s Play Time

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Okay, so I may have just dreamed up the word ‘veganize’ since my auto-correct is desperately trying to change it…but I’m sticking with it.  As you may know, a child’s play time is a crucial part of their developmental growth, fine motor skills and  over-all creativity.  For vegan parenting, this usually means integrating nature into play-time.  Early nature appreciation will help to ensure that your little vegan makes the conscious decision to maintain their compassionate lifestyle once they’re older.

In addition to my writing, I am also the program facilitator at Delray Beach Children’s Garden.   Each week, I host a nature craft class with parents and their little ones.  The activities can get messy, but they’re always fun, inexpensive and related to nature.  Below is one of my all-time favorites; home-made bird feeders!  This project is especially beneficial for vegan families, as it associates a positive experience with feeding animals (as opposed to eating them).  Email photos of your home-made bird feeders to be featured on Veggie Vero’s Facebook page!

vegan kids nature craft | bird feeder
All you need is toilet paper rolls, bird seeds, and peanut butter (or other type of nut-butter)  Cut some string if you wish to hang your bird feeder (this is optional!)

Let your child use a butter knife (or any safe spreading utensil) to spread the peanut butter smooth onto the toilet paper roll.  Then watch them have fun rolling the seeds right onto the roll!  If you don’t have any string to tie the bird feeder up, no worries! You can place it directly on a tree branch, as shown below.

bird feeder | vegan children's craft project
The awesome thing about this project is that it actually works! When placed in visibility of birds and squirrels, they will come and feast!

Some of my other favorites are:

Rock-Painting- use acrylic paint for this.

Leaf-Pressing – dip leaves of all shapes into paint, then press onto paper revealing a lovely work of art.

Nature Paint Brushes– tape leaves, stems and flowers onto the end of a stick…wallah!  A nature paintbrush!



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