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Best Vegan Apps

Vegan friends, I’m a bit late on discovering this awesome app, but I had to make a quick post about it just in case anyone else hasn’t  heard!  Happy Cow is an awesome app that features an interactive gps map to help you find vegan friendly restaurants nearby.  Developed by , this gem also includes restaurant reviews and contact info.  If you’re traveling or moving to a new city, Happy Cow is an easy-to-use super helpful tool!  LOVE!

happy cow vegan app

Prefer to dine at home?   There are quite a few vegan recipe apps, but my personal favorite is Vegan Yum Yum.   Adapted from the award winning blog, VeganYumYum is a free app that’s super user-friendly.  It contains tons of delicious and easy recipes, plus it allows you to organize the ingredients on your smartphone for an easy grocery-list experience.  This is a vegan must-have!

vegan yum yum app


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