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The Importance of Kid’s Vegan Literature

Picture books play a very important role in the development of a child’s mind.  Enchanting fairy tales and whimsical characters help to ignite the creative parts of the brain and build confidence, while traditional stories help to build moral ethics and nobility.  Children’s books make up approximately 34% of total ‘print’ book sales and e-books are gaining picture book | a bedtime storyIn a perfect world, we wouldn’t have a need for vegan picture books.  In my perfect world, animals would not be exploited at all, therefore, the term vegan would not even exist because it would simply be the norm.   But until that glorious day, it is absolutely crucial that vegan picture books be made widely available.

vegan kids with farm animals

Children who are fortunate enough to grow up in a vegan household eventually reach a point where they realize they’re different from the other kids at school…well at least their lunchbox is different.  Vegan picture books will prepare them from an early age to embrace their compassionate lifestyle and openly discuss it with peers. It will help them to articulate the reason their lunchbox is different without feeling like an outcast.

Since going vegan, I have become aware of  a growing community of people who are open to the possibilities of changing their lifestyle.  Friends, social media peers, celebrities, and even some of my own family members have expressed interest in living more compassionately.  The overwhelming response to this vegan movement has truly restored my faith in humanity.

vegan kids bookThink about this; Over the next 20 years, there will be new generations of kids who grow up never having consumed meat…ever!  There will be no vegan transformation required because they will never develop the taste for animal flesh.  That is remarkable!  This vision is my inspiration to write and publish vegan children’s books.  My lovable character, Veggie Vero, is my form of activism and my contribution to the growing world of vegan literature.  Thanks for reading!  <3

Below are some fabulous vegan children’s books by other authors who share my vision!  I’ve linked each photo to the site where you can purchase them.

vegan kids books
Collection of Vegan picture books by author/illustrator, Ruby Roth


vegan kids book
My Mom Eats Tofu by Robyn Ringgold , Illustrated by Vidya Vasudevan
vegan children's book
How To Eat A Rainbow by: Ellie Bedford, Illustrated by: Sabrina Bedford




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