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How To Properly Answer The Question: “so, what do you eat?”

Okay, let’s address one of the most common questions that a vegan is asked by meat-eaters…”So what do you eat?”  As a vegan, it will be tough to resist a condescending answer such as “Um, everything except rotting animal carcass.”  However, you will not be doing any good with an answer like that.  Believe it or not, how you respond to this question could be enough to plant the seed of curiosity in a potential vegan.

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If you want to do justice to our vegan movement, it is crucial that you simplify your answer.  Do not get into a long drawn-out explanation about what you can and cannot eat.  Be able to wrap it up in 2 sentences.  Here’s an example:  “I eat similar meals to you, just minus the animal products.  I’ve discovered a whole new side to food now that I wasn’t open to before!”

A response like this makes veganism seem attainable, which is so important.  Many people assume that veganism is too hard and limiting, so they simply never try it.   By putting it within their reach, you are actively helping the cause.

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If they dig deeper, you should mention the meat and cheese substitutes that exist.  I know some vegans are against these  because they are made to ‘resemble animal products’, but personally, I feel that if meat-replacements can help people to ease into veganism, than more power to them!

Now, from vegan to vegan…we know the process can get challenging.  When you’re first starting out, it can seem like everything under the sun is made with milk, eggs cream, or butter.  But we also know that it gets easier.  With some adjustments to your grocery routine, all of the foods you love can easily be replaced.  All of the  ingredients to make this lifestyle change are at our fingertips…most of them have been in front of us our whole lives!

banana peach oatmealHave you ever bought a new car and then suddenly it seems that everyone on the road has your same car?  Vegan food works the same way.  Once a person has really made up their mind to go vegan, it suddenly seems that vegan-friendly products are everywhere…and they are!

I’ve had some success with sharing veganism with my meat-eating friends and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the people I’ve reached.  Most will not make any hasty decisions to go vegan right away, but I’ve found that many will begin to experiment with the idea by cutting out red meat first.  Make no mistake, that is a victory.  If somebody even reduces their meat consumption because of you, it means you got through to them…you planted the seed.  The rest is their own journey.



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