Why Vegans Get a Better Sleep (Including Kids!)

Before going vegan, there were certain health benefits I already expected such as weight loss, increased energy and a healthier heart. What a pleasant surprise it was to discover that I was also getting a better quality sleep at night!  I researched this secret benefit as soon as it came to my attention.  Apparently the key to a great night’s sleep had been under our nose all along!  Continue reading Why Vegans Get a Better Sleep (Including Kids!)

How To Veganize Your Child’s Play Time

Okay, so I may have just dreamed up the word ‘veganize’ since my auto-correct is desperately trying to change it…but I’m sticking with it.  As you may know, a child’s play time is a crucial part of their developmental growth, fine motor skills and  over-all creativity.  For vegan parenting, this usually means integrating nature into play-time.  Early nature appreciation will help to ensure that your little vegan makes the conscious decision to maintain their compassionate lifestyle once they’re older. Continue reading How To Veganize Your Child’s Play Time

Veggie Vero Visits Scotland!

Glasgow, Scotland has been named one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK.  So when I got the opportunity to travel there for a week, I was ecstatic! From the stunning architecture to the friendly people, Scotland proved to be a magical place, rich in history and natural beauty…Plus the food was amazing!
Here’s some of the best veg-friendly spots I visited in Scotland:
The 78 Cafe & Bar
The Flying Duck
Let Me Eat

Book Release Party!

vegan book release flyer

If you’re in the South Florida area, join me August 19th for my book release celebration!  This is a FREE event for the whole family!  Tasty vegan lunch will be available for purchase along with autographed books and kid’s t-shirts.  There will be face painting, arts & craft, games and a story-time with yours truly.  Can’t wait to see you all at Green Bar & Kitchen!  Come hungry…their food is amazing!!

How To Survive Halloween As A Vegan Parent

Aaah, October. The first hints of holiday madness are in the air, as Summer relaxation melts into a distant memory. The thought of hectic schedules, added expenses and visiting relatives may be sprouting in your mind…If you’re new to veganism, you might also be feeling the added stress of making it through Halloween with your vegan kiddos.  Parents often feel torn between maintaining their children’s vegan diet, and allowing them to participate in Halloween festivities. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some vegan neighborhood to trick-or-treat in?  The fact is, your little ones can have the best of both worlds. Continue reading How To Survive Halloween As A Vegan Parent

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